“The cultivation of trout from caviar  to fish pan is a long and fractious process”



"In the bowels of the Rhodopes" - Ivan Vazov

"... Great lines of the mountains sharply outlined soft draining of azure horizons. Southeast they envy beautiful and connect with black chain of Karkariya, behind which like a distant sea, spread-out the Plovdiv plane under the veil of haze. At the bottom of this sea is appearing something long: it was Balkan Mountains. Right from the south giant summit Syutkya rise high and darkly wooded flanks and merge farther with flattened and naked mountain studded with kolibak , the ridge of which crawl the border of Macedonia. This accumulation obscure and inaccessible mountain constitutes a spectacular contrast to the quiet idyllic valley between them, laughing and beautified by a delightful garden. Except Dorkovo all its villages seen sunk in fascicular leafage with beautifully drained air white minarets. Everywhere - herb, forests, peaks, azure . And there, at the bottom of the western horizon raise as a cloud some variegated with drifts stack of sheaves to Pirin. The picture deserves an admiration..."

Our services

  • Fry of Brown trout, Rainbow trout and Brook trout
  • Brown trout, Rainbow trout and Brook trout for consumption
  • Specialized transportation if necessary
  • Accommodation for fan of organized fishing
  • Walking tours
  • Bike tours
  • Walk or fishing with a boat

Trout fishing

In small and medium-sized rivers, depending on the nature of the river, can be fished " submission " – with direct telescope, equipped with the required fiber length according to which are attached one to a few shots, should the occasion , and finally tie hook. " The submission " is performed close to the typical shelters fish - rocks , trees , etc. as bait used adequate for the season and the specific place bait - mamarets , caddis , worm or grasshopper . If the river is large and deep , can also be used long rod fishing float equipped with reel .
Classic form of fishing is that fly and drawstring . Depending on the season , location and specific skills of the angler trout look dry and wet flies, nymphs or streamers .
If you fly rod , you can make a successful fishing with swimmer and a few fly rod named buldo, especially in larger ponds and lakes .
Another very attractive and evocative way to chase the trout is to use artificial baits - spoons , wobblers , silicone baits.
Another secret weapon for trout fishing is " bombard " - it looks like buldo but more elongated and equipped with a tube through which pass a fiber;



Trout industry Toshkov chark is located in the " Dam Toshkov chark" the land of Batak village

The industry is designed for:

  • Developing and maintaining a population stocks with appropriate types , sizes and quantities of high quality fry of Brown trout, Rainbow trout and Brook trout.
  • Production of Brown trout, Rainbow trout and Brook trout for consumption, with its excellent taste , are considered a delicacy among the other river fish, besides contains a complete protein as meat and beneficial to health, because it helps to melt fat, improves insulin sensitivity , accelerated muscle growth.
  • The company provides specialized transportation if needed.
  • For fans of organized fishing - accommodation in cozy bedroom apartments / bedroom , living room with sofa, bathroom, satellite TV , fridge /
  • Walking tours
  • Bike tours
  • Walk or fishing with boat

Fish and its components:

Vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B12, niacin (PP), which form a favorable organoleptic, physico-chemical and medical biological characteristics of this type of meat.
Complete protein with balanced amino acid composition and high digestibility, fat and complex minerals. 





Ideas for cooking
Roasted in a shell
(5-12 minutes):

  • metal foil in a moderate oven  
  • sheet/special paper in moderate oven
  • sheer/foil over low heat

price Prices

Extra services:

Hire a boat
Hire a bike
Hire a fishing rod;
50 BGL
1 Hour
1 Day
15 BGL
40 BGL
10 BGL

Brown trout
(Salmo trutta fario)

Side is light brown and the belly goes almost yellow. Also has large pink spots on both sides.
The average size of this kind is approximately 40 cm.

Rainbow trout
(Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Her whole body is covered with small, dark spots, it is possible to have several large patches in the middle. Its main color is silver with purple hue, in some places trout becomes brownish color. In the middle of her body passes longitudinally colored band in which a different angle to the light hinted at almost all colors of the rainbow ( hence the rainbow trout ) .
Its length can exceed 80 cm , weight - 7 kg .  

Brook trout
(Salvelinus fontinalis)

Side has red spots, and the back is dark in color, but covered with light spots that resemble worms .
Size reached 25-30 cm, but there are larger species




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